The best kind of furniture is the kind you never have to move, assemble or worry about again.

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Job Title, The Company


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Discover why full-service furniture is the new choice for new offices, office moves, employee relocations, remote work and all things furniture.

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Your company and your employees will never have to move, assemble, source, sell or worry about furniture. Ever.

Flexible solutions.

A complete furniture service for office moves, new office openings, work-from-home setups, temporary assignments, relocations and more. All in one service.

Meet the modern, turnkey furniture solution designed with your communities in mind. Develop custom furniture packages, access integrated design services, and increase your NOI, all within one platform. Growing your business with premium furniture & design solutions has never been so easy.

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Save up to 500 hours of company and employee time

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Premium brands that you know and love.

"Home delivery of your home office."

"Equal opportunity for productivity in the home office and commercial space."

"Look more slick on Zoom calls."

Power your company's furniture needs with Fernish.

Fernish Partner Services lets you focus on your business and leaves the heavy lifting to us.

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The future of furniture is here.